The Long Fall (Books I​-​IV)

by jones the steam

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sorry, this doesn't sit in the 50p price bracket as this 'album' is actually four full length (74mins.) cd tracks of continually mixed music from the albums religion, magic and science, -which i will get on here later, that i have had to break into roughly equal halves to upload them to this site, i have tried to put the joins in sensible places... in addition to those three albums i hope to upload three remix albums, an 'out-takes' compilation, and a 'best of', all presenting the individual tracks from this set as stand alone pieces..


released October 2, 2013

made on a half broken laptop with out of date freeware.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


jones the steam

i'm far too old to think any of these are musically relevent, but i enjoyed making them, have had fun packaging and re- compiling the tracks, they're pretty cheap lp's, and if i hear one at a festival one day, i promise i will drop my pipe and salute you. ... more

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Track Name: Book 1 - Forever Falling From Freedom (Chapter 1)
To you is given the mystery of life
But to all of you without sense
Everything is explained in riddles
If you look you will see and not find
And listening you'll hear without understanding.

What pretentious drivel, jones you tit.
Drivel, Drivel, (Repeat to Fade)
Track Name: Book 1 - Forever Falling From Freedom (Chapter 2)
Here is the book of thy descent,
our renowned king mortally wounded,
carried off the the secret isle,
attended on a golden bed,
she said health would be restored,
if only he would stay with her.

Hic jacet Arthurius Rex, Quandam Rex, Rex que futuris.
Track Name: Book 2 - Looking To Leave Limbo (Chapter 1)
He produces inexhaustable treasure,
Who from rods made gold,
And from stones makes gems.
The sages faithfully teach us
That two strong lions lurk,
These the master must yet catch,
Though they are terrible and fierce.
With skin of blackest dye.
If any man cut off a head,
His Blackness will disappear,
And give place to snowy white,
Give place and peace in snowy white.
Track Name: Book 2 - Looking To Leave Limbo (Chapter 2)
In the name of the king, it is forbidden of now
To by miracles render life into this cow.
Track Name: Book 3 - Designing Our Own Destruction (Chapter 1)
Information costs money, someone will want paying for transmission.
More information means more money, the value of the information is irrelevent.
We are surrounded by new information. And someone is getting paid.
Whether we value this new 'knowledge' or not.
Information has a long way to go to become meaning.
Track Name: Book 3 - Designing Our Own Destruction (Chapter 2)
Large concrete bunkers, thirty seven miles from the stage,
A round bath made of ebony, filled with white sand,
pull the plug, filming, as it all drains away,
and you thread the projector backwards.
Track Name: Book 4 - Falling Into Limbo by Design (Chapter 1)
you and me, we tried to change the world,
but the world was right, so we didn't in the end.
Track Name: Book 4 - Falling Into Limbo by Design (Chapter 2)
You and me, we tried to face the world,
But the world had far far bigger guns, and less compassion.